Our Story

Welcome to La Belle Maison Wallpapers - where your walls are the canvas, and imagination knows no boundaries.

La Belle Maison Wallpapers, based in the vibrant heart of Dubai, stands as a testament to the unique blend of traditional artistry and cutting-edge innovation. Founded by the visionary interior designer and NFT artist, Alexandra Kraft, our online shop offers an exclusive collection of wallpapers that bring spaces to life with their distinctive charm and elegance.

Alexandra's journey into the realm of design is fueled by her passion for creating spaces that tell a story. With an eye for the quirky and the unusual, she seamlessly blends her artistic vision with the latest in AI technology to craft designs that are not just wallpapers but pieces of art. Each design in our collection embodies Alexandra's personal design philosophy, ensuring that our clients have access to truly unique and bespoke wallpaper options.

At La Belle Maison Wallpapers, we believe in the power of design to transform everyday spaces into expressions of personality and style. Our collections are regularly updated with new designs, reflecting Alexandra's continuous exploration and experimentation with patterns, colors and digital art forms. These creations are just meant to adorn walls but to inspire and evoke emotions, making every room a reflection of its inhabitants' tastes and dreams.

As a Dubai-based shop, we are inspired by the city's dynamic fusion of cultures and its reputation for luxury and innovation. This influence is evident in our diverse range of designs, from the bold and avant-garde to the subtle and sophisticated. Our commitment to quality and creativity ensures that each wallpaper from La Belle Maison not only meets the highest standards of craftsmanship but also brings a touch of Alexandra's visionary artistry into your home.